Friday, November 5, 2010

Harimau Hitam Berlatarkan Kuning

Yup..aku da ada keja baru skang. New job, but I think the same routine. Setahu aku, aku kena process loan la. Nama pon da Credit Analyst kan. Start 3 minggu lepas n yg bestnya aku xtau lg aku kena keja kat mana!

Non Maybankers maybe terpikir ape benda lak yg aku buat dlm 3 minggu kan. Xkan la xbuat ape2 kan. The answer is sudah semestinya training beb..Yup, da 3 minggu aku training n fyi the 3 weeks I've been with Maybank are all in Maybank Academy. I don't know whether I can disclose anything about the silibus or the training content so I will stop here(integrity beb)..So i guess I'll have to write my experience in summary.

TBH even i don't know what to write since the 3 weeks is all about classroom training except for I've make new friends. Hmm..gain new knowledge..Meet fabulous trainers, make new friends again. Breakfast, lunch, dinner..Did i mention badminton? Oh yeah n squash. Yup u heard it right, SQUASH. Eager Tigers is the name of my initial classroom team(U see, we required to move places once in a while). Hmm..what more..Guess dats for know folks. See u in later post.

PS: I've been attached to Maybank Kepong Branch for branch training. Hope all went well..


Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

Congratz mate, you just won yourself a copy of buku Fixi's INVASI.

email me at with your full name, address and phone number (just in case) so the book can be sent to you!