Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Lame da aku xupdate sume sbb bz punye psl..3 bln aku xupdate..aku bz sgt smpi smpt lg aku buat acc twitter..Bz kan? future wife aku pon da up & running. Aku yg tlg die bile die nak start aku pre occupied dgn helping her to stabilize n maintain the blog..

Well..aku pon da start main twitter..sbenarnya gak bosan gak twitter ni nak2 kalu korg xde member dlm twitter which is understandable since there aren't much twitter user in Malaysia(last time i check it stands at 120k++ in 2009, thanks Josh Lim). I dont want to get into details on the stats & facts of Twitter since you can get it from other blogs. Whats the use of stating the same facts over & over again right(take note Rafa)..What i want to share with you is the features & benefits of twitter.

If you are looking for random information but dont know where to look, twitter is the right place for you.Hell, we don't have the time to browse through online papers all the time so instead of wasting time reading everything, u can follow staronline or etc on twitter. Its kinda similar to newsflash la..but hey u could save a lot of time. Reading everything on an online newspaper is inefficient. I don't want to read what colour of shoes Kim Kardhasian are wearing, instead i would love to read on the update on Anuar's trial..

& then..well..hurmm..thats the benefits that I can think of actually,hahaha..Basically twitter could be functioned into anything to be honest. It can serve as an information tool, friends update or even where to find the current location of ur friends. Recently, twitter have updated its tweets with features that show ur location(via apps that support it i.e foursquare & tweetie). I'm already on foursquare so its a huge boost for me..whenever u update ur location via foursquare, it will send updates to twitter and ur followers can preview the location via googlemap by clicking the pin symbol(source:Mashable)..It goes something like this..

as you can see, I'm in Kg baru area..

Latest news is FB will also integrate location features as one of its features. Kinda interesting on how they will fare compared with twitter..Guess they are starting to copying whatever their rival are doing..the benefactor of this move:Foursquare of course..

I think Twitter has evolve substantially since its launching somewhere in 2006. This explains why its rank no 2 after FB in popularity according to Mashable. I've used twitter and recommend twitter to all, not for social networking only but IMO its a very useful information tools. Don't delete ur FB accounts though because its no harm in using multiple social network, although don't blame me if u're addicted to both,haha....In conclusion, I bet in near future there's a lot of improvement will be made to twitter. Game apps is a possibility since Iphone user already can play games such as Tweetdefense on their phone..All in all, here's for a bright future ahead for twitter.

Ps: don't forget to follow me while you at it :)..