Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wickedly True

I'm not a supporter of Liverpool..never be and will never ever be one..I am one of those millions of die hard fans of Red Devils..and i'm also a footie crazy guy..if there's an opportunity for me to watch footie, i'm definitely watch it..

& so aku tgk ar game Liverpool vs Lyon pg td..nak tgk game Barca pon cam bosan MU besok plak, pksa diri ar tgk game yg xbg erti sgt kat aku tgk halfway thru je..Liverpool 1- 0 Lyon, 62 mins..Barca 1-1 Rubin Kazan, 62 mins..time ni lah aku ttp tv & terus g keja..aku bajet xde any further goals lah for both 2 games..Guess what? i'm dreaming about the game in my sleep..the wicked thing is the result of both games in my sleep is 2 -1, with Lyon & Rubin Kazan winning it..then i woke up and get ready for my work..when i'm tune in the radio, i'm so shocked that my dreams actually turning out to be true..damn. aku pikir tol ke aku tdo pg td, or aku sleepwalking & tgk game tu sebenarnya..bole pulak result dlm mmpi aku n relialiti same.

But the main thing is coincidence do happens..its just happen to be the last thing i saw before i sleep is that game..n it continues it my mind till the end of the whistle..

Ps:this post is not to rub salt to liverpool supporters. just to share my bizarre & wickedly true dreams..

Pic:Cesar Delgado scoring against Liverpool(fyi, he doesnt appear in my dreams)