Wednesday, May 28, 2008

KAMI The Movie

"The story kicks off with Abu’s escape from juvenile center and his reunion with Ali and the girls to celebrate the final paper and the last day of SPM exams marking the end of high school … …and the beginning of their journey to taking their first steps in making life altering decisions." Synopsis ni aku amik dari website movie ni.Nak tau lbey n nak tgk trailer movie ni gi ar

Aku slh seorang fans series ni sebnar'y. Bg aku crite ni intresting n bole lyn ar compare ngn crite2 mlyu laen yg slalu'y bosan n xpnh'y brisi. Crite psl 5 sekawan & mcmane down handle mslah dlm hidup dowg. Kind of real life teenagers kat Msia gak ar..Its good since de gak akhir'y crite mlayu utk teenagers Msia. Xde ar asek tgk crite utk Makcik Kiah umah seblh je kan..

Taon ni team Kami decide nak adapt series ni into movie lak. Aku rse crite die brkesinambungan dari ending final episode die yg tergantung tu.Fyi, mase final episode sume 5 sekawan ni tgh amik SPM and the movie takes place after the last day of SPM. I hope this movie does not disappoint its fans.

One of the great thing about Kami lak is its soundtrack. During the series, de gak kua OST die pstu lgu2 dlm soundtrack tu okie gak. Hope OST utk muvi ni pon okie ar gak..Lastly, aku bkn cte psl muvi ni nk promote ke pe tp juz nak cte one of my interest. Nak tgk ke x terpulang, coz everyone de slera msing2 kn..yg aku tau i think the muvi is worth watching.Adios!